Events for January 21, 2021 – Visit Pikeville Events for January 21, 2021 – Visit Pikeville

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Cyber Security 101 Webinar

Virtual Pikeville

Join us for a webinar with Eastern Telephone & Technologies to learn how to keep you and your business safe online while working from home or in the office. This webinar will be held at noon on Thursday, January 21. … Read More

Paranormal Phenomena: Truth or Fiction?

Pike County Public Library 126 Lee Avenue, Pikeville

Are flying saucers real? Do the yeti, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness monster really exist? Can homeopathic medicine cure your ills? Can psychics predict the future and find your true love? Do the dead haunt the living? Does the … Read More

Speak From The Heart Telethon

Virtual Pikeville

In an effort to expedite and fund much needed expansion efforts at the Appalachian Valley Autism (AVA) Center, Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) and Foundation have announced plans for a live broadcasted telethon. The telethon is part of the kick-off of … Read More