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It Started with the History!

My family and I wanted a wholesome getaway.  We’ve been to the beach and amusement parks, but it feels like we spend more time in line than actually having fun.  We wanted something more personal, something the kids would really love. We stumbled upon Pikeville when my daughter Whitney had a school project about the Hatfield and McCoy Feud.  Pikeville’s history, beauty and charm captured me, the small mountain town has so much to offer my family.

Outdoor Adventure

Adventure in the Mountains!

We love being outdoors and doing things as a family, so we were happy to find “real” down to earth experiences like the Zip, Paddle & Saddle package which was something that we could do with the kids, we haven't had that much fun as a family in a very long time.  On the White Lighting Zip-Line we soared through the trees and then hiked trails through beautiful mountains at Bob Amos Park.  On to our next adventure, (without even getting back in the car), is was time to saddle up!  Whitney was elated to ride the horses at Dreamz Stables before leaving the park.  Horseback riding together in the mountains was another first for the whole family.  We took some awesome pictures and can’t wait to tell everyone about our trip.
On to the river!  My husband, Ethan, and son, Conner, were pumped about kayaking down the river.  The race was on, they had a blast paddling and seeing who could win.  Whitney and I laughed and enjoyed watching while we floated behind in our intertube.   We enjoyed the river adventure so much and had definitely worked up an appetite so it was perfect that our river trip ended at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant which was right on the river and next to Pikeville Commons shopping center.  We ate a late lunch, then Whitney and I walked to Hobby Lobby, Marshals and Ulta while the guys hit the golf shop and Wildcat Wearhouse t-shirt shop.


Really? Parking Lot Drag Races!!

Good Times in the Mountains

While eating we saw the “It’s Happening in Pikeville” event board and realized it was Muscle on Main weekend.  Oh yes, this was a must-do.  We had stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn which was right around the corner from Main Street where all the excitement was taking place.  So later that day we walked around looking at the classic cars and stayed for the drag races in the riverfill in in downtown.  Our trip to Pikeville was so fun and exhilarating, everyone did something new and did things they enjoyed.  We encourage anyone who is looking for a fun family getaway to visit the beautiful mountains of Pikeville.

Tom & Sherry

Whitney, Ethan and Conner